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About us

Our community, as a new earthly reflection of the Association of Light and Order, was founded in Hungary, 2015 to help you find the Inner Light within you, to revive all the knowledge that is hidden in you, to release a latent energy within you that you have accumulated through many lives and that remains dormant latently in your being. We warmly invite you to stay with us on the path that only few people follow. We help you know, understand who you are, where you come from, what the meaning and purpose of your existence is, what the explanation is for everything that is happening around you and within you.

We don’t want to think or understand anything on behalf of you. Instead of redemption, we show you a door through which you can enter personal freedom. We don’t ask you to be our fan, we don’t want to be a self-nominated “grandmaster” of yours. We want YOU to be the one who ultimately lifts him- or herself up, who starts blowing the embers glowing inside and turns them into a huge fire, into an inner STRENGTH. During this process, you can become an indirect and then a direct supporting member of the Association. Later, if your development allows, you can become a laic member.

Our lectures

Since our establishment, we have been trying to bring knowledge and wisdom closer to you with many online lectures. We make the most beautiful fruits of this endeavor available also in English on our YouTube channel. The number of translated lectures is constantly increasing.

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Celestial Alliance of Ascended Masters

Our community is one of the earthly reflections of the Celestial Alliance. There are many other reflections, and each is doing its blessed work for the benefit of Humanity. In accordance with their karmic task, each reflection often emphasizes the teaching of only one or the other of the Masters of the Alliance. As we approach the Age of Aquarius, the true nature of the Celestial Alliance, that is, the synergy present in the teachings of the various Masters, is manifested. This synergy is represented by the Hermetic Association of Light and Order.

In the symbol of our community, the Flower of Life appears as a mandala adorned with the colors of the five elements, on each side of which a word marks the qualitative and quantitative side of the mission of the Celestial Alliance. Light is one of the qualitative characteristics of fire: it brings clarity, understanding, a clear perception after the darkness like the rising sun ends the night. One manifestation of Light is understanding. Order, as one of the quantitative characteristics of earth, symbolizes the insurmountable universal laws, the pillars of Divine Creation. One manifestation of Order is the law of cause and effect. Over the centuries, according to the karmic possibilities and the receptive capacity of Humanity, many paths of initiation have focused unilaterally only on Light or only on Order. Hermetics was the single, albeit hidden, path on which lucky students could study both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of spiritual development. The narrow path of hermetics expands in the coming era, embracing the earlier one-sided paths, so that the true nature of equilibrium can be reached by wider masses. The Hermetic Association of Light and Order seeks to make this coming, high ideal available to the Humanity of the present.

Below we present some Masters who are full members of the Alliance. Those we list are giants and mighty, but the Celestial Alliance has many other real and laic members. Real members, some of whom can be considered as demi-gods, are usually not incarnated on Earth. The wisdom and initiation system of the Alliance is mediated by laic members being in incarnated state appointed for this task.

Master Yeshua

Immanuel Jesus, the Christ is the greatest master who has ever lived and taught on Earth for the past two millenials and who has allowed an unprecedented Divine Presence to manifest in both the earthly and heavenly worlds. He was the one who, with the Water of Life and the Fire of Eternity, revived the Seed of Light that has always existed in every man and woman without exception. The esoteric side of his teachings is known by few and is applied in practice by even less.

Master Arion

A great spirit who lived on Earth for the last time using the name of Franz Bardon was known as Hermes Trismegistos in one of his numerous earlier incarnations. He is the foremost known messenger, teacher and initiator of the Holy Science and Hermetics. Nor could Divine Providence have entrusted to a more appropriate spirit the task of practically recording the first three steps of the true path to God, the first three great Arcana of the Tarot. His first book is titled INITIATION INTO HERMETICS, which we recommend wholeheartedly to everyone.


Ra, an Humble Messenger of the Law of One, who is considered one of the ancient Egyptian deities, is a great Family of Spirits (in his own words: a social memory complex) that gave help to Humanity several times in the history of Earth. The Ra Family had appeared the first time on Venus, billions of years before Humanity, when Venus was still an Earth-like, 3rd density planet. According to its harmonious spiritual development, the Ra Complex now serves the Order of the One Infinite Creator from the 6th density of Creation. From the human perspective, the “home location” of Ra can be best imagined to be near the Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy. A spiritual research group in the United States called L/L Research established a successful and stable psychic contact with the Ra Complex on 15th of January, 1981. The contact was lasting more than 3 years, despite the increasing difficulties. Thanks to the sacrificial work of Carla, Don and Jim, a 5-volume channeling entitled The Law of One was born from the soundtracks of more than a hundred 30 ~ 60 minute ceremonies (sessions). The Ra Material is one of the most significant Heavenly Messages in the recent history of Earth. The channeling is translated into many of the living languages of our planet by enthusiastic volunteers.


Daskalos (which in Greek means Master), civilly known as Stylianos Ateshlys, and commonly known as the Magician of Cyprus or the Magician of Strovolos. He was a great teacher, healer, and a high-ranking initiate who has lived in many names and ages on Earth before. He explained complex areas of spirituality in a simple and understandable way, and his teachings about elementals are especially valuable. His healing abilities were reminiscent of the miracles of Jesus. He has written several books and many books have been written about him. The best known book about Daskalos is titled “The Magus of Strovolos” written by Kyriacos C. Markides.

Master Saint Germain

Ascended Master Saint Germain was known as a mystic, an alchemist, a mage, a musician, a painter, a jeweler, and a language genius for three centuries in the recent history of Earth only. According to records, between 1710 and 1935 he sometimes appeared in several places at the same time. There are several legends associated with his incarnation in the 18th century. According to one, he was born in Transylvania as the illegitimate son of Ferenc Rákóczi II and the widow of King Charles II of Spain. According to another legend, he was born in Spain, under the name of Adamus, a child of a Portuguese-Jewish father and a noble Spanish mother. According to one story, he invented the name “Saint Germain” for himself from “Sanctus Germanus” (meaning Holy Brother in Latin), which he translated into French. Based on stories, he was fluent in many languages. According to some clairvoyants and mediums, he was a temple servant in the times of Atlantis and was captured in a crystal for thousands of years because of an “accident”. He was identified with several figures from the time of Jesus. Some say he was Joseph (the father of Jesus), others say he was Lazarus, and there are still others who claim that he was the “Wandering Jew” himself. His other supposed incarnations are Prophet Samuel, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christian Rosenkreutz, Christopher Columbus, and Francis Bacon... What is the reality? It doesn't really matter, however, we can tell that one of the aforementioned masters of the Alliance hides behind this mystery. What is certain is that in recent centuries the great spirit known as Saint Germain has appeared in many places with his inspirations and teachings in the most varied circles of spirituality. Through his abundant experience from many earthly manifestations, he illuminates high spiritual truths with overwhelming simplicity and awakens spiritual men an woman to finally get rid of their last remaining blinders.

Master Omraam

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov took over the leadership of a spiritual group called Universal White Brotherhood from Peter Deunov, "white" referring to the harmony and presence of all colors in white light. He was born at the turn of the century, in 1900. He began to deal with spirituality at a young age, at the age of 17, under the guidance of Master Deunov. Later he graduated as a teacher in his homeland, Bulgaria. In 1937, by the appointment of his master, he moved to France, where he started to spread the teachings of Deunov mixed with his own spiritual experiences, and established a spiritual center in the southern part of the country. He lived in France until his death in 1986. Throughout his life, he has given thousands of spiritual lectures, primarily in French-speaking areas. His extremely rich oeuvre, his lectures without papers and aids, containing extremely deep and varied wisdom, is curated and published by Prosveta, primarily in the form of books worldwide. Books such as “The Powers of Thought” or “What is a Spiritual Master?” shed light on high spiritual truths in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. The name “Omraam” obtained during one of his Eastern journeys is composed of the parts “Om” and “Raam”, from which the spiritual origin of this great teacher can be ascertained.

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